Top Social Media Marketing Tips for Beginners

Written by Guest Author on May 15, 2011 | No comments yet

Jennifer Moline writes for the PsPrint Design & Printing Blog and has been covering small-business and freelance news for a number of years.PsPrint is an online online printing company which you can follow on Twitter @PsPrint

Without a strong presence on Facebook or Twitter, your business may as well not exist. If you’re thinking about getting your feet wet in the world of social media marketing, it can seem like an overwhelming task. Believe it or not, you’ll be an old pro in no time! Follow these tips and learning the ropes will be easy!


1. Test the Waters

Don’t think that you have to learn everything at once. You might be new to social networking, but these sites have been around for quite some time and are increasing in sophistication. Try out one site at a time, and learn how to use each one effectively before moving to the next. You’ll eventually find the right site and service for your brand, and your focus will naturally narrow.

2. What’s a Widget Anyway?

A Widget is a little icon-type graphic placed on your site that allows your customers to find you easily on their favorite social networking site. Even if they don’t look for you there, it gives your site a new level of credibility. Some customers will decide to follow your blog or site, and they’ll be more likely to recruit new followers by voting or retweeting. Use the Facebook widget generator or Tweetmeme badge to make widget configuration a painless process.

3. Test and Revise Frequently

Keep statistics about which social media profiles get the most results and forget about the rest. For example, if your tweets are amazingly popular, but no one ever visits your Facebook profile, stick with Twitter and eliminate any time wasted on Facebook. While you want a couple widgets, too many can be noisy and annoying to your readers. To keep track of the statistics for each social medial site, check Google Analytics and create a spreadsheet with an entry for each site. Software tools like OpenOffice make this an easy task.

4. Don’t Be a Pain in the —

While you’d never be annoying on purpose, you can easily become a pain on a social media site by getting a little too excited. Publishing every single piece of information about your product to promote your brand is a typical newbie mistake. Remember, your goal is to help your customers, not create a hard-sell marketing campaign. Post helpful information including industry articles and basic product instructions. Hang out, get to know your customers, and answer their questions. Don’t worry too much about sales; if you can earn followers, the sales will come later.

5. Be Patient

The millions of eBooks that claim anyone can attract a large social media fanbase in a matter of days are offering false promises in return for a sale. While their methods might attract bots or people who are trying to build their own group of followers, these techniques will not reach your target market. Nothing but time and engaging material will earn a group of followers for your company that could turn into actual customers. Be patient, build your content, answer questions, and your followers will show up.

Use these techniques, and you’ll master social media marketing master in no time!


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