Tips for successful Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is gaining popularity in every corner of the world. After all, individuals from all around the world spend hours playing games on Facebook or tweeting about the latest events. So what is Social Media Marketing? Social media marketing means using social media websites as a means to get attention! On the internet, websites and blogs use social media marketing to generate traffic to their webpages.

Currently, the top three social media websites are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The new social networking website of Google “Google Plus” is also working hard to find its place in the top three. Other social networking websites like Myspace and Orkut have popularity only in a certain countries. For example, Orkut is currently popular in Brazil and India.

Surprisingly, the top three social media websites are very different. Facebook is a social networking website that allows users to interact, share photographs and play games, while Twitter is micro-blogging! The famous online encyclopedia Wikipedia said how Twitter is sometimes described as sending SMS on the internet and the description really fits! LinkedIn however is totally different. It is a social networking website that allows professionals from different fields to come together.

Why is social media marketing so useful?

 Social media marketing is very useful because it has a “Domino Effect”. Suppose you share an article on your profile on Facebook, the next thing you know people will be commenting on it, liking it (or hating it) and they will be sharing it with their own friends, which leads to friends of friends sharing and talking about the article too!

However, it is not easy as its looks. You need to have content that manages to capture a user’s attention to make social media marketing work for you!

Tips for effectively conducting social media marketing for websites and blogs

1. Make sure that you have an account in every relevant social networking website.

2. Be sure to have all your social media buttons on your website or blog.

3. If you update new content on your website or blog, share the news on your social networking websites.

4. Each social media website is different! Use each one according to its main benefit.

5. Interact with your fans and followers whenever you can! Let them know you care! Famous bloggers all around the world take time to answer to their reader’s queries personally.

6. Use multimedia like videos and images on social networking websites to make it more interesting. Famous websites and blogs also have their own Youtube and Flicker.

7. Try to build your social network by interacting with other websites or blogs in your niche.

8. Don’t be a sheep; be unique in your content!

9. Don’t only focus on promoting your website or blog. You can really get to know your target audience through social networking websites.

10. Don’t forget other SEO techniques! Social media websites are not the only tool to increase the visibility of your website or blog.

Follow these tips and your website or blog will definitely be a rising star!


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