Social Media Marketing Tips

Social media marketing is one of the greatest and powerful tool for any potential advertiser or marketer, are you using social media for your business ? if not, then you are losing a huge potential market. According to a survey it seems, an average user engage in social networking sites at-least for 70% time out of their average internet usage time. Then where are you searching for your potential customer, this article is for whom, who doesn’t know the start-up and basic of social media advertising.

There are huge number of social websites offering great advertising techniques and methods, but obviously FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn are leading the industry. The below 10 points show you the way in to social media business, and it will show you what you potential achieve with it. Set an agenda for your campaign and start implementing the below things..

Social Media Marketing Strategies :

Here I am giving you 10 points or steps for your campaign, please at any point, you got a question in your mind, please don’t hesitate to ask us, you can post your question at our forum.


1) Find the Interested People

Looks silly, no it is not. You have to find the interested people, how?. Integrate the social widgets in your website, link your social profiles to your “about us” pages. The people who comes to your website is definitely interested in your product, in case if they are not, then show them the benefits of joining your social profile. Continue reading you will see more ways to promote your social profile.

2) Deliver Quality Content and Support

Deliver quality and interesting content, like conducting surveys on hot topics etc. And try to support your customers from your social profile itself. I will give you one best example for this, recently I have purchased a hosting account from “Hostgator India”, but the price for that package is somewhat high, so I have asked for discount in their Facebook pages, within 2 hours they have replied to my post with a coupon code. So always ready to give any kind of support for your customers and be flexible.

3) Capture the User Information and Activity

This is another important part in social media campaigns, capture your social followers information, find their interests by conducting some surveys related to your product, tell them to opt-in for your newsletters, make the process easy to opt-in for subscribe.

4) Stay in Touch and Answer the questions

Always keep remember the user about your existence, tell them that you are active and ready. Keep in touch with them by sending birthday wishes, sending some new offers etc. This will create a healthy relation between you and your users. Answer to their questions, clarify their doubts. This will make more trust on you.

5) Build the trust

Build a trust with the users, in social media you can’t expect immediate conversions, it happen only when a user trust your brand, he must believe that your product and you are real. Then only he look forward to take your product. So build trust with your users, answer their questions clear their doubts. And also useSSL for your website signup pages.

6) Use top Social Media tools like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

Obviously you have to choose the social tools, where you can do the above and below steps, and please don’t overwhelm your self in to many things, just engage with the powerful yet popular social media websites like Facebook (750+ million users), Twitter (200+ million users) and LinkedIn (150+ million users). These websites are one of the best method to increase your brand visibility.

7) Don’t stuff your campaigns with all products and commercials

Don’t irritate the users with all your product commercials, try to be more entertaining, show some related stuff around your business, this will significantly build a great opinion in a user mind.

icon cool Social Media Marketing Tips Make use of Blogs and Article directories

Making use of Blogs and article directories is another way of improving your social media efforts, write in different blogs as a guest author, introduce yourself and your business in the author info. This will also help you in increasing your brand visibility. Article directories are another method to build healthy backlinks as well as greater exposure of brand name.

9) Give some how-to tutorials

Let your visitor understand what he wants, let him understand about your product and provide a complete documentation in offline and online mode, so at any point of time they should not get trouble. This will probably result in more trust and people will also refer your product to their owns.

10) Giveaway some free stuff along with your product, or separately

You can giveaway some free stuff as a complementary offer or just for free, this is definitely going to make your customer more happy. And according to a great marketing specialist, every happy customer brings you another 100 customers. So don’t forget to make your customer happy icon smile Social Media Marketing Tips .


Benefits of social media marketing efforts :

After all those above methods, you may ask that, what should I get exactly in return. Here we go…

1) Makes you credible

This will make you credible, builds a positive sign in the mind of a user

2) Increase referrals

Obviously increase referrals, as I said above the old words…

3) New Relations

This will create new relations with the people who are really interested in your product type.

4) Outstanding Brand Visibility

This is going to increase your brand visibility to sky top…

5) Builds Trust

As already said above this will build a trust in your brand and product

6) Offer products and Services

So simply you can offer products and services to your customer.

7) Increase in conversions

Of-course I don’t have to say this, you can see a great increase in your conversion goals

So this is all about the social media marketing tips, please leave you comments, suggestions and questions in the below section.

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