Using Social Media for CRM: An Overview

Customer management is the biggest task for any organization. Be it small or large, it is very essential for any business to keep their customers happy and satisfied. Traditionally, businesses have been using several CRM tools to see that they maintain sufficient customer loyalty towards their brands. However, some of the businesses lacked this ability due to financial and technical inefficiencies. This allowed large organizations taking the big pie of market share. However, with the emergence of social media marketing tools, even small businesses are finding ways to be a part of growing competition. Here is an overview of factors that can enable businesses keep their CRM efforts up and moving.

1) Catch the Ongoing Customer Momentum: It does make sense. It’s your primary responsibility to catch the customer momentum. Be it customer query or new business lead, you need to be in the main stream to keep hold of them. The more alert you are, the more will be good for you. The more you are connected with your audience, the more are favorable chances for you to convert maximum business opportunities.

2) Consistency is the Key: If you wish to make maximum out of your social bookmarking activity, be sure of your consistency. This consistency will help you gain enhanced visibility in front of your target audience. Listen carefully what customer has to say about your company, your product and the competition, and use social platforms to offer quick and efficient feedback to them.

3) Always Communicate: Social media marketing is all about communications. Your ability to communicate with target audience allows you create special place in your customers’ hearts. Your communication enables you to create an edge over competition, and develop brand loyalty amongst your customers.

4) Keep the Basics Strong: Customer engagement is the basis of all marketing activities. Be it offline or online, marketers aimed at reaching out to their target audience with their every marketing effort. Any opportunity miss can provide major setback to an organization’s marketing efforts. The biggest advantage of social media is to ability to engage in real-time. This real-time engagement paves the way for enhanced customer interaction, even for small marketers. Through increased customer participation, marketers can really come up with improved branding and product strategies.


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