Lead Generation and Social Media: Five Secrets

Online marketing tactics are aimed at lead generation…over the years, marketers are using several techniques to enhance business productivity and customer base. With the emergence of social media, marketers have gained a much-needed boost to their lead generation efforts. Here are some secrets to use social media marketing for enhancing your leads…

1) Need for speed: The race is on. If you can’t make it, then you lose. In social media marketing, every conversation takes place in real time, therefore, you need to be on your toes to make most of it. Any missed conversation can be a lost business opportunity. Social media marketing has signified the ‘need for speed’. The speed in which real-time customer interactions are taking place…It’s up to businesses how are they using this speed for their benefits. But one this is for sure…there’s a need for speed…

2) Ability to experiment: Innovation is the key in today’s business scenario. Any business owner who is not afraid of attempting new ways to reach out to his/her target audience has the maximum success ratio in today’s competitive market. However, it can also be dangerous for marketers to deploy expensive experiments with the business strategies, as it would not be easy to say what will work out with customers. Hence, the need is to deploy ways that can really allow marketer to gauge customers’ feedback to create accurate and influential marketing campaigns for them. And social media provides marketers with those measuring opportunities.
3) Real-time engagement: The biggest advantage of social media is to ability to engage in real-time. This real-time engagement paves the way for enhanced customer interaction, even for small marketers. Through increased customer participation, marketers can really come up with improved branding and product strategies.
4) Be informative: Imagine this social media gathering as a ‘big library’, and consider your social media presence as a ‘book’. Visitors (as readers) are visiting this library for some useful tips, trends, and insights. Same way, the visitor is visiting your social page for some useful insights and information. And if you fail to provide that reader with the information he wants then you may lose that visitor. What it means that you will lose your potential lead. Therefore, it is very essential to be a wealth of information than a mere ‘advertising poster’ on this social media platforms. It is a ‘give and take’ relationship. It is up to you how you project your social media presence. The engagement is the key!
5) Choose right platform: It’s raining social media platforms in market today. The multiple social media presence may prove to be suicidal for organization, as it would be difficult to generate precise business message. Every platform has its own advantages and disadvantages, hence, it is very critical for organization to identify platforms that it believe would generate business for it. Managing a less, yet controlled, presence will allow organization to interact with potential customers effectively and easily. This will allow the organization to build brand loyalty amongst its users.
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