Social Media Marketing -Tips For Beginners

Posted on August 4, 2011 by maryjane

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Getting started on the right foot with social media marketing is a matter of understanding how it works and doing the right things at the right time. Here’s an article to help you do that and set up better social media marketing campaigns …

Reddit and Digg have served their purposes in the past; it’s time to branch out and embrace the wider world of social media market as well as less competition for your content. There are thousands of websites and blogs that aim at getting on the first page of Digg and Reddit, which means you’ll be competing with these to get targeted attention to your own content. It’s true you aren’t likely to become an overnight Internet sensation with explosive traffic from these smaller sites but you’ll also have a much better shot at making it to the top and enjoying a nice wave or two of traffic from your offerings. With sites that have massive amounts of content vying for the same exposure the odds are good that most content will get no attention or traffic at all from these marketing efforts.

Put Relevant Buttons on Your Blog: By adding buttons that will allow people to vote on your content you make it a lot easier for your audience to share your articles on social media sites, something that can be quite effective and a tactic many webmasters use.

Don’t overdo it, though, by putting up buttons for every last social media site available online – stick to ones you know are relevant to your readers and to sites you are using. Try to keep it down to at most three or four buttons.

Build a Community: Being active and building a community is an excellent way to gain more influence when you are networking on social media platforms. You need to offer advice on improving the community and make sure people hear you. Become the leader people want you to be and take care of whatever needs taking care of. In time, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of the effort you put in.

Always remember, go for those sites that work well for your website and ignore the rest of them. Target those social media sites where the audience is responsive and as well as relates to your content, and use this data to zero in on websites which you should be using.

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