5 Social Media Marketing Techniques to build your MLM business

By Richard Morgan, eHow Contributor updated April 10, 2011

Multilevel marketing is a legitimate business opportunity and should not be confused with a pyramid scheme. Genuine MLM usually needs a small amount of start-up capital and requires an authentic product or service for income. Using different social media marketing techniques, MLM businesses can reach a much wider range of potential customers than conventional methods.


Successful social media marketing often relies on branding techniques. Branding defines a product or a service in the minds of potential customers. In many cases, branding is more about evoking a feeling within a customer than facts about a product. For example, when the consumer thinks about products such as Apple Computers or Coca-Cola, distinct emotions arise in many consumers. Using social media marketing in order to create a brand identity is a long-term proposition.


Targeting is a key element of successful social media marketing. Someone looking to build a multilevel marketing business needs to target entrepreneurs and individuals interested in the products and services of the business. A multilevel marketing business dealing with heavy metal music probably would not have success targeting gospel singers on Twitter and Facebook, for example. The danger to targeting through the use of social media comes if the marketer fails to engage the target audience. Simply posting comments about the products and services being offered can appear to be spam.


Viral content is a highly effective way for your business to receive attention, provided the content is original and spotlights the multilevel marketing business using it. When a video goes viral, it potentially reaches millions of viewers. However, those viewers must know what the video sells. If the product or service is not clear in the video, the service flies under the consumer’s radar. Viral content is extremely difficult to create, since it is hard to predict what might do well on the Internet.


Social bookmarking for a multilevel marketing business links social networking sites such as Digg or StumbleUpon to a specific website or business. The technique of social bookmarking requires the marketer to develop enough of an online following to generate interest in the product or service.

Social Influencing

A multilevel marketing business needs someone to get the word out. Using a social influencer in order to market the product has the potential to reach a wide audience. When actor Charlie Sheen posted a photo on his Twitter account of a bottle of chocolate milk from a California dairy, the dairy was swamped with phone calls and media attention. Finding the right person to give a “shout out” to a multilevel marketing campaign could reach hundreds of thousands of potential customers

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