4 Tips to Launch Your B2B Marketing in Social Media, 8 Ways to Maximize YouTube Marketing Results, and More Internet Marketing News

Quite a few worthwhile reads today. Here’s the best from around the internet. If you feel there’s something else I should include, be sure and put it in the comments!



SEO Techniques for Large Sites: How to Maximize Product Visibility in Organic Search – This is a great breakdown of major issues larger websites face. Large, complex websites often face a challenging scenario: getting product-level (or item-level) URLs to rank. 
SEO Strategy: How to Capitalize on Your Competitor’s Mistakes
 – A fairly unique approach to SEO, that won’t always work if you don’t have bigger name competitors.
Leveraging your SEO for Search Retargeting
 – Search retargeting is a subset of retargeting, and takes it one step further. It is a paid acquisition channel that allows advertisers to reach back out to users who have previously searched for their brand name or target keywords.

Social Media

4 Tips To Launch Your B2B Marketing In Social Media – Today, social media offers B2B marketers significant, quantifiable and predictable results. This column explores the top four reasons B2B marketers should engage in a proactive, social media program, and offers specific tips on getting started.
Social Media Beyond Marketing
 – A bigger picture look with a strategy.
Why Social Media Is Not a Complete Answer
 – Good warning that not everyone will benefit from a social media marketing campaign. 
3 Great Social Media Lessons from Ancient History
 – History can teach us a lot about social media. In fact, history has known to be the very supporting pillar of social interaction.
Facebook for Business Launches To Help Companies Market Themselves
 – The site,Facebook for Business, “provides step-by-step guidance for how to best use Facebook’s marketing tools,” a company rep says.
8 Ways to Maximize Your YouTube Marketing Results
 – 8 actionable tips to enhance your YouTube marketing.


Create Actionable Reports With Google’s New Top Vs. Side Segment – Last week Google announced they now provided a segment called Top vs. Side that allowed you to see performance based on if you ad appeared on the top 3 spots of SERPs or the side ad placements. Being able to see these results allows you to understand how position affects your ROI.
Exact Match Keyword Domain Names Get Double PPC Traffic
 – Domain names appearing in pay-per-click (PPC) ads that include the same keywords as those typed in by search engine users may deliver double the number of clicks as other domain names.


Creating Advanced Segments In Google Analytics: Filtering Out Branded Keyword – Some SEO’s like to take credit for branded keyword traffic. This shows you how to filter that data from your analytics.
Landing Page Battles Of The Flat Foreheaded
 – I am big on the landing page path right now, so this was interesting for me to read as it discusses the pains of testing various metrics.
My Top 5 Most Used Custom Reports in Google Analytics
 – Always interesting to see what other marketers are doing and measuring.

Search Engines

Google Search Testing New “Clean” Design – Google is testing yet another design, this one is the same gray and black bar look but places the search filters and navigation at the top of the page, instead of on the left.
Google Triples the Speed of the +1 Button
 – About time considering Google has put so much emphasis on speed.


3 B2C Marketing Tactics to Improve Your B2B Newsletter – Email marketing shouldn’t be forgotten!

I am a big fan of seeing stand up comedy live. I had never heard of this gentleman until seeing this and thought it was worth sharing as I laughed out lout by myself a few times during this!

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Justin McGill

Justin is the founder and President of SEORCHERS (read: [surch-ers]) – a local web marketing firm specializing in organic search engine optimization (SEO) with a focus on converting visitors into clients. In the late 90′s, Justin developed a deep fascination with web design and began to involve himself in, what is today known as, search engine optimization. With hobby-like beginnings (and obsession), he began to blaze a path for himself in SEO consultation. By early 2008, Justin had accumulated an impressive wealth of technical knowledge, lifting him to “expert” status, but he wanted to put his business acumen to the test. The result was the founding of a full service internet marketing company. Today, SEORCHERS – is a tremendously successful and rapidly growing powerhouse in the internet marketing arena!

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